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Chief of Latvian Coast Guard/Head of MRCC RIGA, Commander

Peteris Subota

67082051; 26434994




Shipping Security Officer

Ricards Buners

+371 25755997

Environmental Management Specialist

Ojars Gerke

+371 67082052

Ministry of Defence, Press section

+371 67335067, +371 27218405








Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre Riga, Latvia ( MRCC Riga )

Postal address: Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Meldru iela 5a, Riga, LV-1015, Latvia
phone: +371 67323103 (emergency)
      phone: +371 67082070
      phone: +371 29476101
      phone: +371 67082064  (SafeSeaNet/SKLOIS, MAS)
      fax: +371 67320100
      fax: +371 29270690 
      Inmarsat-C: 580 427502310
      In the COSPAS-SARSAT system MRCC Riga is SPOC Latvia 
      E-Mail address:     (MRCC) (SafeSeaNet/SKLOIS, MAS)

Radio communication: radiotelephony / DSC / radiotelex /:
MRCC Riga maintains constant  watch on 2182   kHz and VHF  Ch 16 - station name RIGA RESCUE RADIO. DSC selective call number 002750100 on 2187,5 kHz and VHF Ch 70 DSC. Radiotelex - ARQ selective number 6060 RMRCC LV.

*MRCC Riga is co-located with "Riga Rescue Radio".

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