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MRCC is structural branch of LCGS. MRCC is working twenty-four hours a day and it is directly subordinated to the Chief of MRCC.

Duties and responsibilities of MRCC:

-to organize, to coordinate and to lead SAR operations, medical consultations and evacuations on the sea;
-to control alert frequencies USW (ultra short waves), MW (medium waves) and SW (short waves) twenty-four hours a day;
-to ensure emergency (MAYDAY) and immediacy (PANPAN) message detection and retranslation;
-to retranslate regular sea security (SECURITEE) messages about changes of sailing and navigation equipment in the waters of Latvia as to retranslate meteorological forecast;
-to ensure detection of emergency (MAYDAY) messages from the ships that are under pirate or armed group attack or some other kind activities that are against ship’s security. To retranslate this massage to the responsible authorities and to act according to the operative laws and regulations;
-to inform other coordination centers about distress signals detected in their area of responsibility;
-to act as national coordinator of “COSPAS-SARSAT” system;
-to cooperate with Baltic Sea region terrestrial station of “COSPAS-SARSAT” system in Bodoe (Bodo), Norway and other MRCC’s in the field of information exchange;
-to coordinate operation of elimination of oil pollution according to the “National plan of readiness on the oil pollution in the sea;
-to send Pollution Reports (POLREP) in situations when oil pollution may affect other Baltic Sea States;
-to inform Maritime Administration of Latvia about accidents on the sea;
-to retranslate information to Maritime Administration of Latvia from the ships about navigation tool inadequacy in the waters of Latvia or inadequacy of navigation barriers in the charts from the edition “Lights and signs in the waters of Republic of Latvia”;
-to offer assistance to neighbor countries SAR services according to the operational treaties “Cooperation in Search and Rescue operations on the sea”;
-to adopt decision about ending of SAR operation and 1st level oil pollution eliminations operation.

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